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    Course description

    This course provides a detailed discussion and application of engine troubleshooting processes, methodologies, and techniques necessary to quickly and economically isolate specific engine faults annunciated by the avionics system or through observed faults squawked by pilots or ground crew personnel for the AE 3007A engine. A combination of published Fault Isolation Manual (FIM) procedures and industry accepted troubleshooting practices are used to provide a well-rounded approach to effective troubleshooting for this engine.

    Course objectives

    Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to…
    •Interpret readings and indications provided by aircraft and engine systems,
    •Correlate information for the purpose of making decisions in respect to fault diagnosis and rectification to the Rolls-Royce maintenance manual level.
    •Perform engine harness electrical troubleshooting techniques and exercises using a multi-meter diagnostic equipment.

    Target population

    This course is recommended for Skilled and experienced maintainers of AE 3007A engines involved in identifying and rectifying maintenance faults annunciated by flight crew members or by airframe or engine diagnostic systems.


    One (1) day



    Training methods

    Instructor led training in the classroom and laboratory.


    2018: $570
    2019: $600

    Applicable Aircraft

    Embraer EMB-145,-140, -135 and Legacy 600/650
    Cessna Citation X


    Indianapolis, IN

    Daily schedule

    0800-1600 (EST)

    Contact Information

    Rolls-Royce Corporation
    Registrar – Customer Training

    7715 North Perimeter Road
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46241 USA

    +1 (317) 230-RCTC (7282)
    Toll Free
    + (877) 253-RCTC (7282)
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